It's official. We're a team!

I am so excited to be your wedding photographer! To start the process I'd like to gather a bit more information from you that will be useful as we prepare for your wedding.

Your contract has been signed and deposit paid! Thank you so much! Below you'll find a space for a proposed payment schedule. I like to ask couples to write out a timeline for when they foresee other payments being made throughout the year. This is mostly so I can schedule invoice reminders to go out to you at your proposed times (which makes my life a littler easier in the midst of wedding season). Please know though, that if you end up not sticking to your proposed schedule that's totally okay. Just as long as your balance is paid 30 days prior to your event.

I then ask for your vendor information. This is so I know who I'll be working with and also for social media/networking purposes. It also let's me know how I can better support and be of resource to you in the time leading up to your wedding. And if you don't have all your vendors booked, that's totally okay too. I'll revisit it again later on.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out and I'll be in touch.